Choosing the right bike

Buying a bicycle can be extremely overwhelming as it can be hard to determine which kind of bicycle is best to suit your needs. The kind of bike you ride largely depends on where you plan to ride it.Image result for bike display

Road Bikes – good for riding on pavement

  • Tires: Narrow, smooth, hard
  • Features: more gear combos, lightweight, built for speed
  • Handlebars:
    • drop bar handlebars: faster, more lightweight & aerodynamic – best for experienced roadies and racers
    • flat bar handlebars: for an upright body position, reduces strain on hands, wrists & shoulders – best for newer riders

Editor’s pick: GMC Denali 700c Road Bike – available in 3 sizes in both flat bar & drop bar handlebars – available here 


Mountain Bikes – good for dirt or rocky trails and gravel roads (and some pavement)

  • Tires: Smaller, heavier wheels with larger treads
  • Features: shock absorbing features, better breaking, lower gears to handle steep terrain

Editor’s pick: Men’s 26″ Genesis V2100 Mountain bike with Full Suspension available here  or Women’s 26″ Genesis Whirlwind Mountain bike available here


Fixed Gear Bikes – best for urban riding

  • Tires: Road bike tires
  • Features: Only one gear, low maintenance, and simplicity

Editor’s Pick: Kent 700c Fixie Bike – available here 

700c Men's Kent Fixie Bike

Hybrid Bikes – can ride on anything from pavement to grass (great for commuting)

  • Tires: Skinnier than a mountain bike, thicker than a road bike, with some tread
  • Features: Comfortable seat, upright sitting position, some suspension

Editor’s Pick: Kent Avondale 700c Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes available in Men’s and Women’s

Kent Avondale Women's Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes, 700c

Cruiser Bikes – built for leisurely rides around town

  • Tires: slightly wider tires than other pavement bikes
  • Features: Comfortable seat and a relaxed sitting position

Editor’s Pick: 26″ Kent La Jolla Cruiser bike, available for Men and Women

26 26




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