Bike Commuting Essentials

May is National Bike Month – but more specifically, May 15-19 is National Ride to Work week. Cycling to work has a wide range of benefits – it’s cheaper than driving, it’s a great [free] workout, and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic.

If you are going to ride to work – there are some things you are definitely going to want to have.

For starters – you’ll need a bike, but you already knew that. You’ll also need a helmet… for obvious reasons (protect your brain, please!). But you’ll also want some of these other things as well:

  1. Lights
    • For maximum visibility, it’s best to have a front light & flashing rear light
  2. Lock
    • You’d hate for your bike to disappear while you’re at work – trust me, walking home is NOT as much fun as riding home.
  3. Bell
    • Let people know you’re coming
  4. Multi – Tool
    • Even if you never use it, you’ll feel safer having it. Think: to raise your seat, tighten screws, etc.
  5. Spare Tube and/or patch kit
    • tiny, cheap, light & invaluable in a pinch.
  6. Water
    • stay hydrated!
  7. Mirror (for handlebar or helmet)
    • if you’re riding through traffic, you need to see all around you!



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