Holiday Bike Gift Guide

The Perfect Present for Everyone on Your “Nice” List


Getting a bicycle for Christmas is iconic. Although most kids learn to ride in the spring, there’s a special kind of special about a bicycle, tucked with great care, underneath the tree. They even look great next to a lit menorah and some spinning dreidels. The New Year is around the corner, and a new bike can make a resolution to be healthier easier to keep! With so many choices on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick out the perfect bike. This list will help you find the perfect bike for everyone on your “nice” list.

The always-on-the-move little one

Kazam Mini
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/occasionally_perfect/

The KaZAM Mini is an adorable ride-on is for ages 12+ and comes in 3 metallic finishes! 

multi model 161.JPG

The Kazam Balance Bike is perfect for ages 2.5 – 5.5! Although falling off your bike when you’re learning to ride may be character building, this bike does the balancing for them. (It’s the hardest part to learn) 

The one ready to take on two wheels

The 12″ Best Friends bike and 16″ Razor DSX bike are the best of the first “big kid” bikes for the kid who’s ready to pedal! Both bikes have detachable training wheels, awesome for learning, then removing when ready.

The kid who is ready to race off on their own

The 18″ Kent Starlite or the 18″ Kent Action Zone is perfect for the kid ready to start riding with their friends. There are training wheels if s/he (or you) feels safer but easily removable when you’re both ready.

The person who would always rather be at the beachMargaritaville1883.JPG

The Margaritaville Cruisers come in so many colors, there is sure to be one that your beach bud will love! With baskets, cup holders, and a parrot horn, they’ll soon be “wasting away again in Margaritaville”! #FinsUp (Shown here: Men’s and Ladies

The adventurous friend

Mountain bikes are an amazing way to get in a good workout and appreciate the great outdoors. The grey + purple Genesis Whirlwind is sure to be a hit with the adventurous lady in your life. The men’s Hawkeye is stylish while remaining fast and fun. (The attached seat pictured on the Hawkeye is also a great gift for parents wanting to take their kids on rides)

The commuter who despises traffic jams


Kent Avondale Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes – Biking is a great way to avoid city traffic. The men’s and ladies version of the Kent Avondale are wonderful presents that will save them time – time and time again.

The one who’s always late for an important date


Road bikes are great for getting in shape or for an active commute to the office! The GZR 700 is sure to turn some heads with its bright exterior!

So, there you have it. All different, awesome, and mobile choices for every walk and age of life. We hope this helped in your great search for those on your list (the nice ones anyway). As the holiday season grows nearer to our hearts (and our wallets), let’s remember to: always wear a helmet, drink eggnog responsibly, and to always give the gifts that keep on giving. Happy Holidays!




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