Bike Dates for the ValenTIME of Your Life

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our brand ambassadors and influencers about the bike dates of their DREAMS.

Read on for date night inspiration and a holiday giveaway!


“We love riding our bikes down back country roads and dreaming of the future. Someday we hope to own some land of our own so taking a scenic bike ride together lets us pretend that we already do! We usually end our ride by pedaling down to the cute little General Store that is only a block from our home to enjoy some hand-dipped ice cream cones (dairy-free for me)!” – Ashley, @ashley.joyfullygrowing 



“My husband and I love to go on day dates. We try to go into work a little late at least once a month while our girls are at school so we can go do something adventurous. Our dream bike date would be riding along the coast in Santa Cruz to one of our favorite seaside restaurants. We always like to have a destination with a pretty view or some yummy food to look forward to.” – Alia, @aliajanel 





“My significant other and I love to… go the beach, solo sushi dates without our kids and binge watch Netflix in bed after we put our girlies to sleep.

Our dream bike date would be… Both of us on the sandy beaches of Laguna.

It’s seriously our home away from home.”

– Desaree, @simply.bits


“My babe and I like to ride along Alki Beach in West Seattle, Washington 5 miles to a ferry dock. We get a beautiful view of the Olympic mountains, gorgeous pink and orange sunsets, and people playing beach volleyball on the sandimage1.
My ideal date on the bikes is riding to a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant called Marination Ma’Kai that overlooks the Seattle skyline. We order some Kalua Pork tacos, shave ice, and Hawaiian Sun guava juice and look out over the water at the space needle! Then we get on the bikes again, hop on a passenger water taxi over to Pikes Place Market, grab some fresh market flowers, and ride around the waterfront! It’s such a romantic and adventurous way to spend quality time together. “
– Cara, @carakuulei 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are co-hosting an Instagram giveaway with Cara for TWO bikes!

Head to @carakuulei for details!




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