Top 14 Places to Bike This Summer

There’s just about a month left of summer and if you haven’t gotten on your bike yet- now is the time! Here’s a list of awesome places to ride this summer when another ride around the neighborhood just seems too boring. 

1. Beach 🏖

Men’s 26″ Margaritaville First Look Cruiser and Ladies 24″ Margaritaville Island Life Cruiser

Going to the beach is a summer must, so why not bike there?! Throw your towel, water, and sunscreen into a bike basket and take off down the boardwalk! You can race, walk, and ride bikes so easily within shore living. Don’t live near the ocean? Try your tires on a local lake path!

2. Movies🍿

What’s your favorite way to cool off in the summer? How about kickin’ back and relaxing while catching the newest must-see movie. Don’t forget about those reclining chairs and endless A.C.! Bike on over to treat yourself to some popcorn. It’s a super romantic idea for a first date, too!

3. Date night

Men’s 700c Retro & Ladies 700c Retro – Photo by Cara Bowen (@carakuulei)

Whether you’re eating out or bringing food back, let your bike take you there. You and your S.O. can work up an appetite and reward yourself with relaxation at dinner. There are tons of waterfronts with city-wide views, making a bike ride even that much more wonderful.

4. Local fair 🎡

Local fairs and carnivals pop up all over in the summer! Grab your friends and your bike and go check it out. Make sure you have lights on your bike for night riding.

5. The Park

Boy’s 18″ Action Zone, Girl’s 14″ Pinkalicious (no longer available), Men’s 700c Retro – Photo: Ashley Glass (@ashley_glass)

Biking to the park is a classic way to spend an afternoon. Head over and cruise along the paths, or take in the sights. For a less exercise-intensive day, take a break from your bike and hop on a swing or bring a book to read on a park bench.

6. The Pool 

Summer vacation = long days spent at the pool. Rolling up on your bike means you don’t worry about finding a parking space (which means more time spent in the water!).

7. Work

Men’s 700c GZR Road Bike

A lot of traffic can ruin your day. Eliminate the possibility by looking up the quickest bikeable path to work! Starting the day with some exercise is sure to make you feel more energized and productive. Bring a change of clothes and a snack to eat at your desk.

8. Ice cream shop 🍦

Nothing goes better with “summer” than ice cream! By riding your bike to your local ice cream shop, you won’t feel guilty about eating that extra scoop.

9. Biking trail


Photo Aug 30, 9 06 26 AM.jpg
Ladies 700c Northwoods Springdale – Photo: Nikki Kirk (@nikkirk7)


A great way to explore a new area of your town or county! Look up bike trails near you at an appropriate difficulty and then get to biking. Don’t forget to bring water.

10. The Zoo 🦁🐯🐻

Lions, and tigers, and bears – oh my! No matter how old you are, going to the zoo is always enjoyable. This is a perfect bike ride for slightly cooler days when the animals are more likely to be active.

11. Picnic

Ladies 26″ Pomona (pink)

What better way to spend the day than biking to a nice lookout and having a picnic lunch with those you love best. Pack your favorite snacks (and some treats for your fur-friend) and relax under a nice shady tree.

12. Grocery Store 

Ever have those days when you go to the grocery store for eggs and leave with an entire trunk full of groceries? Riding your bike to the store will limit the amount of unnecessary food you buy.

13. Neighboring Town 


Ladies 700c Northwoods Springdale


You know that cute town you’ve always wanted to explore but never seem to have time to check it out? Carve out a couple hours and ride your bike over! Make sure you bring your bike lock so you can check out all the cool shops and restaurants.

14. Friend’s House 🏡

20180422_081713-01-01-01 (1).jpeg
Ladies 26″ Northwoods Pomona (pink) and iBert Safe-T-Seat – Photo by Jackie Koch (@rockymtnmomma3)

Whether it’s your friend or you need to get your kid to a playdate, how about biking instead of jumping in your hot car. If your kid is too young to ride along, check out bike trailers or seats to help get them where they need to go!

Let us know where you’re riding this summer! Use #pedaltogether on social media to share your summer bike fun! 

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